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Video Games Reel

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  • Title: Games Reel
  • Director: Peter Warnock
  • Production: The Voice Zone
  • Writer: Peter Warnock

Commercial Reel

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  • Title: Commercial Reel
  • Director: Peter Warnock
  • Production: The Voice Zone
  • Writer: Peter Warnock

Studio RAW Demo

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  • Title: Studio RAW Demo
  • Director: Jack Sapsford
  • Production: Jack Sapsford
  • Writer: Jack Sapsford

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Curriculum Vitae


Jack clearly has a passion when it comes to voice acting and ensuring quality and communication are upheld. Jack has helped to kickstart a demo for a future game by providing high quality and professional voice acting which perfectly reflects the atmosphere and gameplay of the game we are trying to create.

Independent Developer

Jack delivered an excellent performance for the Guardian reviewed Auto-Engrain. Communication was seamless and he responded to the brief quickly, and was brilliant at taking direction. Incredibly professional voice actor who delivered a high quality service and I would definitely work with again. Could not recommend more highly.

Director, We Are Bosstress

Jack's commitment to our training video voice over project really helped to put the professional tone to the scripts. He understood the concept of what we wanted to achieve and turned the project around quicker than expected. His professional attitude and quickness to the amendments were brilliant. The quality of the voice over was first class. He will certainly be part of our next project phase.

Bid Buddy UK

We used Jack on a project that needed a really friendly, warm, down-to-earth voiceover that would add a little emotion to our animation. Jack delivered a fantastic voiceover that really helped bring the project to life. He was fast, efficient, and most importantly his work was great.

Everything's Fine Ltd

Jack is an exceptional voice artist who helped to bring my podcast to life. His flexibility with scheduling made the collaboration seamless, and his dynamic vocal range added a captivating touch to this episode. Jack's passion for delving into fiction is evident. If you're looking for a talented narrator, Jack is the perfect choice. Working with him was a pleasure, and I highly recommend him for any project.

Longwinded One Podcast


Jack is a professional actor with a broadcast quality home studio based in Harrogate and London, UK. Jack trained classically for the stage, earning a Bachelors Degree with Honours in acting. Jack then focused his career towards voice acting training with top coaches both in the UK and US and is continually looking to grow as an actor. As a professional he offers humility, humour, directability, punctuality, attention to detail and so much more.

His genuine, playful and humble voice can bring life to your characters, commercials and beyond.

In his spare time Jack can be found reading, gaming, writing, listening to music or having his heart broken by tragically sad, romantic anime.


  • Room: STUDIOBRICKS One VO Edition

  • Primary Microphone: Neumann TLM 103

  • Secondary Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416

  • Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin X

  • Computer: Apple MacBook Air M1 (Fanless)

  • DAW: Adobe Audition CC & Ableton Live 11

  • Communication: Skype & Zoom

  • Remote Recording: Source Connect Now


  • BA Honours in Acting - The Court Theatre Training Company (including vocal training from Kate Montague, Suzanne West and Yvonne Morley), 2017-2019

  • The Beginners Voice Over Commercial Workshop with Peter Warnock - The Acting Habit

  • The Next Level Voice Over Commercial workshop with Peter Warnock - The Acting Habit

  • The Advanced Voice Over Commercial Workshop: Mission Reel with Peter Warnock - The Acting Habit

  • The VO Roadshow: Commercials and Promos with Mary Lynn Wissner and Jeff Howell

  • Acting In Animation: 1-1 with Cassandra Lee Morris

  • Get Your Game Voice On with Peter Warnock - Voice Acting in Games - The Acting Habit

  • Developing 'Supernova' characters with Mick Wingert

  • Character Development and How to Release Them Into the World with Kara Edwards