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Jack Sapsford

Actor Writer

Director Producer

Jack is an actor, writer, director and producer who has appeared in a range of classical and contemporary plays. Upon graduating drama school Jack co-produced two plays at a London theatre before co-founding the Future Butterfly Theatre Company in order to continue creating new material and growing as an artist. Jack is represented by Red Talent Management.


Jack has been seen across the mediums of television, film and stage from Channel 4's Humans to the Roland Jaquarello directed stage play of Season's Greetings and producing and leading in Spur of the Moment in early 2020.

Jack can be seen in the Show Face Festivities Winter 2020 Festival as Bobbie in I Just Wanted To Say.


Rain On My False Parade Cover Art

Jack's first book, Rain On My False Parade, is available on Amazon.

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In his debut book, Rain on my False Parade, Jack Sapsford blends the abstract with the honest to create a dreamlike body of work. Jack uses a reflective perspective to take the reader on a journey through life detailing, exploring, and capturing every moment. From birth, to the manifestation of passion and love to heartbreak and the comfort of dreams, Jack uses his unique, stream of conciseness writing style to give an unfiltered, unapologetic glimpse into how he moves through life and how he captures each moment.

What better way to begin a book than to state that I never intended to write one, however that does not mean that sharing this book is not one of the proudest moments of my life. This book is a collection of writings from the last four to five years of my life. They are my way of expressing, exploring, and coping with various situations both positive and negative and every single of piece is very dear to me. That being the case I do not ask that this book means the same to you as it does to me. I do not expect nor intend everything you are about to read to resonate or connect with you. I specifically wrote without punctuation so that you, the reader, may find your own rhythm, your own beat and your own meaning. This book has no target audience. I hope that, maybe, one piece connects with you and that once you close this book (on whatever page that may be) you think of that single piece, if only once more. If I could be so bold to ask three things of you, dear reader. Firstly, you read this book with an open mind. Secondly, if you have any desire to discuss what is written within this book that you look me up and begin that conversation. Finally, if you have this book in paperback and you throw it away, please recycle it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have to offer.