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Jack is a professional actor with a broadcast quality home studio based in Harrogate and London, UK. Jack trained classically for the stage, earning a Bachelors Degree with Honours in acting. Jack then focused his career towards voice acting training with top coaches both in the UK and US and is continually looking to grow as an actor. As a professional he offers humility, humour, directability, punctuality, attention to detail and so much more.

His genuine, playful and humble voice can bring life to your characters, commercials and beyond.

In his spare time Jack can be found reading, gaming, writing, listening to music or having his heart broken by tragically sad, romantic anime.


  • school

    BA Honours in Acting - The Court Theatre Training Company (including vocal training from Kate Montague, Suzanne West and Yvonne Morley), 2017-2019

  • record_voice_over

    The Beginners Voice Over Commercial Workshop with Peter Warnock - The Acting Habit

  • record_voice_over

    The Next Level Voice Over Commercial workshop with Peter Warnock - The Acting Habit

  • record_voice_over

    The Advanced Voice Over Commercial Workshop: Mission Reel with Peter Warnock - The Acting Habit

  • record_voice_over

    The VO Roadshow: Commercials and Promos with Mary Lynn Wissner and Jeff Howell

  • record_voice_over

    Acting In Animation: 1-1 with Cassandra Lee Morris

  • record_voice_over

    Get Your Game Voice On with Peter Warnock - Voice Acting in Games - The Acting Habit

  • record_voice_over

    Developing ‘Supernova’ characters with Mick Wingert

  • record_voice_over

    Character Development and How to Release Them Into the World with Kara Edwards


  • door_front

    Room: STUDIOBRICKS One VO Edition

  • mic_none

    Microphone: Neumann TLM 103 & Sennheiser MKH 416

  • settings_input_component

    Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin X & Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)

  • laptop

    Computer: Apple MacBook Air M1 (Fanless)

  • dvr

    DAW: Ableton Live 11

  • phone_in_talk

    Communication: Skype/Zoom

  • cloud_sync

    Remote Recording: Source Connect Now